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It's Okay To Have Questions

It is normal to have many questions about the sale and dissolution of a strata. Your home is probably your biggest and most important investment. Not only that, but many people have strong emotional attachments to their homes and neighbourhood. It may be your first home, where you moved when you got married, or where your children grew up. You may love your neighbourhood, your neighbours and the comfort you feel shopping in that store down the block. All of these factors mean this will not be an easy decision and we want you to be as informed as possible. Below are some common questions you might have, If there is something that you are not clear about, or if you feel we missed something please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Q: Why do you owners want to dissolve a strata?

There are a few ways the process can get started. First, there may be an offer from a Developer. Second, there may be an assessment pending. Third, the owners may realize the market value of the land is much higher than the current assessed value. They see a chance to make a much higher return on their investment.


Q: How do you dissolve a strata?

There are two methods identified by the BC Government. Both methods require at least 80% of owners to be onboard in order to sell.

  1. The simpler and quicker method is Unit Assembly. Each owner lists their unit. We  aim to get 3-5 offers for least 80% of  the units. 

2. The second method is called Bill 40 Wind Up. This involves the sale of the entire complex to a Developer. We aim to get 3-5 offers. The Developer then applies to dissolve the strata. 

Q: What if I love the area?

I understand that it’s hard to leave your neighbourhood. I will do my best to make the transition easier. Here are some perks that I can negotiate for you:

Free rent for a few months

Reduced Rent for several months

Priority purchasing in new complex

Reduced purchase price for unit in new complex

WIN Real Estate provides very specific Relocation Services to make your move the easiest ever.

Q: How do we get started?

Please contact me to book an appointment. I would love to meet with the Strata Council.