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Our Advisors & Experts

Sandra Lopez-Savard - 20 Years Real Estate Advisor

Negotiating and Sales specialist

Sandra is a passionate, relentless negotiator known for her from-the-heart service. Her creativity, insight and experience have resulted in great returns for many clients. She connects deeply with each project and takes pride in delivering exceptional results. Several years as  a General Contractor has given her insight into how Developers think as well as an eye for undervalued, but potentially great properties. She has a wide range of business experience which enhances her ability to deliver superior results.

From Architecture to Real Estate Law, Strata Management to Marketing, we have a group of Experts working for you.

Architectural Design

We have an Architect who works with Sandra as a liason with the Planning and Development Department of the local City Hall. This helps us understand the very best possibilities for development of your complex. Density is the most critical factor for a Developer and we do in depth research so we can get you the very best offer.

Real Estate/Strata Law

The Lawyer helps you understand and navigate the legal process of  the wind up . As a strata council and a homeowner it is comforting to know you can contact an expert for advice and guidance at any time.

Project Marketing

Our Marketing Team creates ads, brochures, signs and more to showcase the value and beauty of your neighbourhood. These functions are extremely important in attracting multiple Buyers so we can get you the very best price.