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Moving made easy with WIN Real Estate Team!

It's normal to think twice about making a move. Moves can be exhausting, stressful and time consuming, and yes it's a major upheaval. The WIN Team is dedicated to making this your easiest move ever.

Q: Why  would my move be so much easier?

We plan and co-ordinate the whole process with you. Our dedicated packers will be sure to organize and label every box. We will give special attention to those personal momentos and cherished items. We encourage you to pack them seperately so they are easy to find.

You can go shopping, visit the grandkids or take a little vacation while we pack up your home and make sure it’s clean and ready for the new owners.

Q: How about moving day?

We do that too. Our movers will show up at the time you have chosen and they will load up everything. They will go directly to your new home where the packers will be waiting there. The packers will unpack and organize all your belongings.  We want home to feel like home from the very first few days.


Q: What about unpacking?

We do that too! Our packers will be right there to unpack and organize your home. With your guidance we can set up beds, desks, pictures and of course, the kitchen.

Q: So, from packing to cleaning to moving to unpacking, you really do it all?

Yes, we really do it all…pack, clean, move and unpack!